SPL Fanzone: Celtic

THE reasons why WGS was derided and Lenny is adored have never stood out as clearly as on Saturday.

On our last opportunity to win the league there, it took a last-minute wonder goal by Naka after another turgid display. This time, Lenny’s team blew away Killie with a display of fast, attacking football; rarely seen under WGS.

I struggle to think of a manager who has been more deserving of a league win. Bombed, battered and blamed, it feels, for every ill in the Scottish game, Lenny’s ability to lead this team to a league win is remarkable.

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Being a football fan, I, of course, want more. Let’s start with completing the double, a seasoned centre-half and a better showing in Europe next year!

Charlie and Sami have been absolutely outstanding this year and it will be a travesty if one of those two is not named as POTY.

Dave Devine