Celtic edge out Rangers among highest attendances in world football

Celtic and Rangers have been two of the most watched football teams in world football across the last five seasons.

The Glasgow duo feature in the top 20 for highest attendances between 2013 and 2018.

Data analysed by the CIES Football Observatory show that Celtic edge out their rivals by more than 600 fans across that time period.

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Parkhead’s average attendance over the last five seasons has been 49,697 compared to Rangers’ 49,054.

Celtic have edged out Rangers in terms of attendances. Picture: SNS/Craig Williamson

However, only the Ibrox club’s time in the top flight has been taken into account. The four campaigns spent outside the Premiership saw the club average 41,288 fans,

Both figures are hugely impressive, bettering that of Paris Saint-Germain, Atletico Madrid, Inter Milan, Liverpool, Juventus and other famous names from around Europe and further afield.

Celtic’s 49,697 over the last five seasons has equated to the highest contribution to a league, with it making up 36.5 per cent of the total Scottish Premiership attendances with Rangers’ in seventh on that particular list.

Due to Rangers’ time in the lower leagues it has meant that the average attendance of the Scottish top tier between 2013 and 2018 has decreased by 26 per cent, from 15,737 during 2003-2008 and then 13,380 between 2008-2013.

However, there is good news this season with the average attendance of Scottish Premiership games rising to 16,276.

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