15 Celtic kits that could be sold for a small fortune

Find out just how much your old Celtic jerseys are worth.

Some Celtic kits from years gone by can now fetch an impressive amount of money on online auction sites such as Ebay

Dig through the attic and rake through your wardrobe for any forgotten Celtic strips that you may have stashed away - they could be worth a healthy sum.

Sold for: 115. Modelled by John Collins, this lesser-spotted away kit from Celtic is highly sought after with one fan paying over 100 for one listing.

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Sold for: 163. Yellow, diamond patterned and worn by the likes of Danny McGrain and Tommy Burns, this away top is as iconic as they come. This look comes at a cost though, with a recent listing selling for 163.
Sold for: 99.99. This 1982/83 Umbro effort can fetch just shy of 100 online.
Sold for: 142. The Celtic side of 1993/94 might not be so fondly remembered by the green half of Glasgow, but this strip has certainly proven popular.
Sold for 131. Sporting the iconic CR SMITH sponsorship, this jersey is desperately hard to come by.
Sold for 775. Unsurprisingly match-worn jerseys can be sold for sizeable sums. For instance a home shirt worn by a Celtic player in the 1970 European Cup semi-final against Leeds recently sold for a whopping 775.
Sold for: 189.99. This no-nonsense home kit from the mid eighties recentyl fetched just shy of 200.
Sold for: 84. Worn against Sporting Lisbon in the 1983/84 season, this lime green kit is remarkably rare. Vendors with the top in their possession could expect to sell the top for just under 100
Sold for: 79.99. Inspired or hideous? We can't quite decide. The vibrant shirt from the late 80s and early nineties can be sold for 79.99 if you happen to be in possession of the divisive kit.
Sold for: 93. Perhaps even more divisive among Celtic fans is this mid-nineties away kit. A recent listing of the kit was sold for 93.
Sold for: 82. Featuring white pin-stripes this away kit was only worn a handful of times by Celtic. A rare replica of the shirt was recently sold for 82
Sold for: 89.99. Kits featuring player names are also sought after by football fans. A 1997-99 home shirt featuring the name of legendary forward Henrik Larsson sold for 89.99 at the start of the year.
Sold for: 100. Featuring the club's original crest and striking green diamonds, this home kit from the late 80s is popular with Celtic fans. One listing of the kit was recently sold for 100.
Sold for: 62. Its not just outfield tops that cause bidding wars. For instance, this early nineties goalkeeper kit was recently sold for 62
Sold for: 67.88. The bumblebee kit of the mid nineties is certainly eye-catching and was recently re-imagined in 2009. An original version of the 1996/97 away kit can go for as much as 67.68.