'I thought I was on the golf course' - Ex-Aberdeen and Celtic star Gary Mackay-Steven opens up on River Kelvin drama

Gary Mackay-Steven in action for New York City FC
Gary Mackay-Steven in action for New York City FC
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Former Celtic and Aberdeen winger Gary Mackay-Steven has revealed he had no idea where he was when he woke up in hospital after plunging into the River Kelvin two years ago.

Mackay-Steven fell into the river during a night out in Glasgow. He jumped over a wall and slipped, spending close to an hour in the water in the early hours of the morning before being taken to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

The 29-year-old, now playing for New York City FC in Major League Soccer in the USA, told the Football Daft podcast that he was convinced he was either on a golf course, or on Aberdeen's Union Street.

Speaking to podcast hosts David Tanner and wrestler Graeme "Grado" Stevely, Mackay-Steven recalled the incident but said he was unsure what caused his confusion.

"The nurse came through and said, 'all the checks are good - you can get out, but you just need to tell me where you are'.

"I said, 'yeah, no problem, the golf course'. The nurse was like, 'no, have a look around, where are you?'

"I remember sitting there looking at the monitors, the wires and my bed and I said, 'yeah, the golf course'. I was convinced I was at the golf course."

Mackay-Steven, who admitted he thought the incident was a bit of a laugh at the time but had since recognised the seriousness, added: "My girlfriend was there and she had obviously had a hell of a night but she couldn't tell me where I was, I had to work it out myself or they couldn't release me.

"The nurse came back half an hour later, and I said I was on Union Street in Aberdeen. She said, 'No, you're not on Union Street' and I said, 'I know, I'm at the f*****g golf course'!"

The twice-cappped Scotland international said he had asked a doctor what had caused his confusion but didn't get a satisfactory answer.

"The doctor I asked didn't have a clue, and to this day I don't know. I'm not even a golfer, it was bizarre."

Mackay-Steven revealed he had been at a party on the Saturday night, but hadn't played in a match during the day. He believes his omission from the playing squad contributed to his survival.

"Maybe [not playing] was a good thing because I had the energy to keep afloat. I was swept down the river for a good bit, I remember being underwater and going pretty fast so it was mental. Being able to swim helped greatly," he added.