How would the Scottish Premiership look if it finished after every team had played 19 games? Picture: SNS

How the Scottish Premiership would look if SPFL finished using France's 19-game option

The Scottish Premiership has yet to be concluded with a possible decision being made next month

France were the latest nation, following the Netherlands, to call an end to the 2019/2020 football season following government intervention. Three proposals were put forward as to how best to determine the final placings in Ligue 1.

The French top tier will announce champions with two teams likely to be relegated. The three proposals are: 1) Points-per-game system as was used to terminate the Championship, League One and League Two in Scotland; 2) The table following the last full round of fixtures when every team had played 27 games; 3) The table at the halfway stage, after 19 matches.

We have looked to see how the Scottish Premiership would look using the points total of each team after they had played 19 games.

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