Bomber's miles better!

Lengthy trips for Warriors chief but club has come a long way too

He travelled more than 1400 miles in the most important week of his managerial career – and every yard was worth it for Brown Ferguson.

Working in his day job as with sportscotland the Warriors boss was in Sheffield on a two-day mental health conference, but his steely resolve saw him travel back for last Wednesday’s first leg and then back to Yorkshire overnight before heading home at the weekend for the onward journey to Peterhead.

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“I was very fortunate to be able to do that with my role at work. It was a busy week that’s for sure, but with a happy, positive outcome,” he told The Falkirk Herald this week.

His was not the only long journey. Stenhousemuir, as a club have come a long way in a fairly short space of time.

“Two years ago, almost to the day, the club was at a very low point,” admitted Ferguson. “A lot of work by everyone has turned that into the positive feeling we are currently experiencing. Directors, staff, backroom team, myself, the players, the supporters and the wider community – everyone has contributed and everyone has had a hand in the success.

“Last season we had the disappointment of relegation but we have bounced back at the first attempt – not something that many teams are capable of and manage to do. But we now move up stronger than we were when we came down and stronger than we were two years ago and that’s testament to everyone.”

Was it a case of taking a step back to take two forward? “More like five backwards and six or seven forward – it has been that significant.”

That puts his overnight endeavours in the shade, as commendable and dedicated as they were, but Ferguson’s toils on the pitch alongside Jim Paterson has reaped great rewards and he’s hoping for more to come.

“I’m making no promises moving up but with the positive position we find ourselves in we hope to kick on and strong campaign next season too.

“Everything that is going on, has gone on, behind the scenes is beginning to translate into good work on the pitch and hopefully that continues. It has been a great effort from a lot of people and it has been great for the community which is at the heart of everything we do as a club.”