Blackpool FC sues fan over internet forum posts

Bloomfield Road, home of Blackpool FC. Picture: Wiki CommonsBloomfield Road, home of Blackpool FC. Picture: Wiki Commons
Bloomfield Road, home of Blackpool FC. Picture: Wiki Commons
A BLACKPOOL FC supporter is being sued by the club amid claims he allegedly posted defamatory information about the team’s owners on an internet forum.

David Ragozzino, a lifelong fan of The Seasiders, is reportedly being sued for up to £150,000 by the club and directors Karl and Owen Oyston.

But Mr Ragozzino, 32, has vowed to fight the case in front of as many as 100 people who he has said will travel to Manchester for the court hearing later this week.

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And he told the Blackpool Gazette that he is ‘hoping’ that the hearing ends in his favour.

He added: “It could go either way. You never know.

“By the time they have finished, I will have ruined every chance they have got of making up with the fans.

“They are just trying to silence the fans again and I just want them to leave me alone.”

Mr Ragozzino is hopeful that between 80 and 100 people will travel to support him in his court battle.

He was served with papers in December last year, detailing claims lodged with the court that named the Oyston brothers as claimants, as well as Blackpool FC Ltd.

Each claimant is suing Mr Ragozzino for an undisclosed amount, limited to £50,000.

The claims relate to remarks allegedly made by Mr Ragozzino on a supporters forum, believed to be the A View From The Tower online messageboard, using the screen name The_Run_Up_The_Hill.

Some of the comments reportedly made refer to Owen Oyston’s rape conviction in 1996.

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The hearing is due to take place at Manchester High Court on Thursday, but it is not known if the Oystons will be present. The hearing is likely to last for around 20 minutes.

At the weekend, Blackpool settle another case out of court, involving a fan accused of making defamatory comments.