Best Twitter responses as Scotland lose 3-0 to England

Well, that was predictable and yet incredibly frustrating at the same time.

Scotland's players watch on as Daniel Sturridge heads England in front. Picture: Getty

Scotland lost by three goals to nil at Wembley, all but burying any chance of the Tartan Army getting to travel to a major international tournament for the first time since 1998.

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And yet, there were times during the game when Scotland actually played well. If only the team could defend and score. Apparently, those two things are quite important in football.

Anyway, as you can expect, there was a lot of talk on social media. Here are the best responses...


@sweirz: Leigh Griffiths must feel as if he has woken up in Land of the Giants - who happen to be quicker than he is over 10 yards. Difficult.

@SartoMutiny: This is what happens when our manager and a nameless player are there only to satisfy their own egos

@Aitchy84: I personally can’t wait for Chic Young, Keith Jackson and Derek Ferguson to talk about how bad our game is for the next few weeks.

@Colin_Paterson_: Too much chat about how bad England are. We should get our own house in order. That last half-hour was training game stuff.

@andygebb: People saying Strachan should be sacked might have a point. But you could put Klopp in charge of Scotland and the players are still terrible


@MichaelVaughan: Losing to Scotland tonight would be like losing to a team like Iceland .... Would never happen ... !

@JamieSmiff: Why are so many labouring under this misguided notion that Gareth Southgate is remotely qualified to manage England? It’s totally daft.

@Laffxrty: Scotland’s biggest threat so far has been John Stones.

@jackandrews: That was the best England game I’ve watched in a long time! Still nearly put me to sleep, but it’s an improvement...


@ThomAlexWatt: Mighty attack minded XI from Strachan in an away match against top seed. Begs the question, why not do that against the weak sides at home?

@markratkinson: The team Strachan has picked and the tactics adopted seem correct to me. We just don’t have the personnel to execute them

@CalumCrowe10: The SFA don’t have the bottle to sack him. Strachan should do the right thing and resign.

@mrewanmurray: “That wasn’t fair” says Gordon Strachan. Team misses chances and doesn’t defend well. Not sure what he expects to happen.

@Nareystoepoker: Newspaper editors now deciding which vegetable to superimpose Strachan’s face onto


@Oldfirmfacts1: Scott Brown moving freely after finally emptying Joey Barton from his pocket

@PhantomL5088: Scotland’s midfield haven’t kicked the ball. Strachan should have tried to convince Scott Brown to come out of retirement.

@rossdunbar93: Canny believe that Scotland actually called Scott Brown up for this game. Ridiculously poor.

@DanielJenks89: Scott Brown, “Come out of retirement for the England game they said. It will be fun they said!”


@MattNugentYC: If you deflated Donald Trump you’d get Gordon Strachan.

@J_BHAFC: Prison sentences for anyone who purchases an England vs Scotland, half and half scarf.

@MsiDouglas: No, genuinely it’s great that two managers who failed at Middlesbrough are in charge of England & Scotland

@NUFCThreatLevel: Scotland fans asking “shall we sing a song for you?” like they don’t break into ‘500 miles’ as soon as someone breaks the seal on an Irn-Bru

@Oldfirmfacts1: Say what you like about the team, but we’ve finally found a national stadium with less atmosphere than ours

@rob_zooter: Anya was stacking shelves at Tesco now he’s playing for Scotland. Lesson for all youngsters. Don’t get complacent.

@richardosman: You know things are bad when England v Scotland feels like a gentle diversion.

@eddo75: £50m John Stones currently making Titus Bramble look like Franco Baresi

@Oldfirmfacts1: Next year’s John Lewis Xmas ad sees a frail Grandad telling a rabbit about the time Scotland qualified for a major international tournament

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