Best Twitter reactions to Steven Gerrard (maybe) becoming next Rangers boss

Steven Gerrard is in talks with Rangers representatives about becoming the club's manager, according to various reports.

Rangers are in talks with Steven Gerrard about him becoming their next manager. Picture: Getty
Rangers are in talks with Steven Gerrard about him becoming their next manager. Picture: Getty

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Would Steven Gerrard be a good fit for Rangers?

As expected, Scottish football Twitter exploded with varying opinions about the surprise, left-field prospective appointment. Here are some of the better tweets...


@robyoung1810: Another gamble when we can’t afford it. If this was one year ago I’d welcome it, but we really had to be aiming for someone with experience. I hope this works out, but I’m apprehensive.

@AlynMac76: Hope it happens, players will be queuing up to play for him, everybody wants a big name, well there you go, don’t come much bigger

@big_al1966: I’m sure if we had todays level of internet back in the 80’s we’d all be saying Graeme Souness, with no managerial experience, would be too big a gamble. I’d support Gerrard as manager, we’ve got to start believing in ourselves.

@JHGS1872: If Gerrard is announced as the next Rangers manager I genuinely don’t think I’ll be able to renew. Board complete disconnect from the fans and using our money for yet another experiment. Its not good enough. Not to mention the love in he will have with Brenda. Enough is enough

@iainduff: Would need a Walter Smith type assistant to make it work and even then the sensible, pragmatic part of me says it’s a ridiculous idea. But the stupid, football fan part of me says, f*** it, let’s just give it a go!!


@goddamnpal: Gerrard would be the perfect fit for Rangers manager considering he’s never had experience of winning a league title before and know’s what it’s all about to nail down that second place.

@TJDSBlog: Gerrard to Rangers is surely a work by the media. A baffling move for both parties.

@Jinky20073: So..... @AndyDev28 thinks Steven Gerrard will be the next TRIFC manager? This is what Dave (the lying King) said regards the next managerial appointment. “Whoever is appointed must be able to meet the unique challenges of managing Rangers and ensuring immediate success.” Hmm..

@marcmcardle1: Apart from anything else, why would Stevie G want to leave Liverpool and enter a massive rebuilding job while his ex boss gets the better of him every season? Can’t see a single motivation for him taking it.

@OriginalBart1n: Brendan has promised Gerrard a future role coaching Celtic’s U-20s if he secures 3rd place for Rangers next season. Gerrard sees the Ibrox hot seat as a great opportunity to further his coaching career.


@SMTID: Excited that Rangers looking at appointing a youth coach with no previous managerial experience as boss. It worked so well the last time.

@johnnyfitba: “Impoverished football club with a burning desire to win a league that’s too big for them seeks to replace a failed youth coach with another youth coach, preferably with no experience of winning leagues too big for them”

@Jim__Douglas: How many games into his Gerreign will it take before a Record columnist calls for him to get his boots back on and take a grip of the midfield?

@philster007: Bloody hell, the team he’s managing now is better than the Rangers 1st team. A step down in my opinion.

@jack_jmmcb: Steven Gerrard as the next Rangers manager would either be a stroke of genius on their part, or a repeat of what happened the last time one of the Old Firm clubs appointed an inexperienced Liverpool legend.

@WestMidsLoyal: Finding out Steven Gerrard is going to be our next manager is like going to a strip club with your pals when you have a missus at home. It’s exciting for a few minutes, until you think about how much s*** you could get into on the back of it.

@1967_dxnn: The only reason Rangers are going for Gerrard is because he’s the last person who stopped Rodgers winning a title.

@_RH67: Howling when Gerrard is a player manager. Losing 1-0 away at Dundee and he subs himself on and just starts hammering shots from 40 yards.