Best Twitter reactions to the latest Rangers statement

Rangers have released another emotive club statement as Ibrox side reacted to news that Hibs will cut their allocation for the last game between the sides at Easter Road.

Rangers hit out at Hibs in a statement on Tuesday evening. Picture: John Devlin

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Rangers issue statement after Hibs cut ticket allocation

Seeing as Scottish football Twitter loves nothing more than a statement from the Light Blues, there has been a lot of discussion on the matter through the night after it was released at 10.10pm on Tuesday evening.

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@Strabane_GSTQ: Hit them where it hurts Bears. How dare they show such a lack of respect to the most successful team ever. What goes around comes around. Thanks for the clarity Rangers.

@algardiner63: When any team comes to Ibrox give them NOTHING let our fans have all IBROX plus our fans dont go to away games let them suffer

@murdoch_charles: This is a provocation by Hibernian FC, it’s outrageous really. We all know the are perfectly entitled to do so but it’s unbelievable nonetheless, we should refuse our allocation .

@_wotta: When I see the words ‘club statement’ I cover my eyes and read through the cracks in my fingers.

Rangers hit out at Hibs in a statement on Tuesday evening. Picture: John Devlin

@weegeg12345: So, what, will we give Hibs less seats than we do now? They can’t even fill them! I don’t get the threat. Can someone explain it?


@CrumbsTMT: Rangers statement writers must get paid per word.

@Jim__Douglas: Rangers should move their statements releases to a subscription model. They’re so unintentionally hilarious, I think I’d pay.

Rangers hit out at Hibs in a statement on Tuesday evening. Picture: John Devlin

@RFBorthwick: I, for one, am absolutely delighted by Hibernian’s decision to cut the allocation of Rangers fans attending the match. They can sell their own tickets out easily so why compromise their own support to pander to another. Sit doon Traynor ya mess.

@Chrisfinn2703: The white, blue and riddest of all the necks in all the world. Like Hibs or anyone owes you f*****g anything.

@AgentScotland: Rangers give Hibernian 1.7% of the capacity of Ibrox, Hibs are willing to give Rangers 10% of available seats at Easter Road, this poor me poor me has to stop, utterly disingenuous & a shoddy attempt by the board at playing to the gallery, anything to deflect from their failings.

@stramashing: This coming from a club who houses the majority of away fans in a pokey wee corner. A corner where you are pelted by coins, hot drinks and spit for the best part of two hours. Outrageous hypocrisy from the genius PR team at Ibrox


@Oldfirmfacts1: Congratulations to anyone who had ‘beggars belief’ in Rangers Statement Tantrum Bingo

@MarcJWallace: Death, Taxes and Hibs causing Rangers to p*** and moan.

@pieandbov: The dogs bark, and the caravan issues a statement.

@goddamnpal: King......passes it to Alastair Douglas Park......slips it to JAMES TRAYNOR, he edits it and it’s LIVE and they’ve done it! Another statement! At twenty past ten on a Tuesday night! The fans are going wild! Awww ya beautyyyyy

@garyhenderson1: “Right Jum that’s the statement drafted”

“Have you said it beggars belief?”

“Eh no but I mean it already reads quite well and it doesn’t really fit in anywh...”

“Just throw it in out of context at the end of a paragraph”