Best Twitter reactions after Rangers sack Graeme Murty

Once again Scottish football Twitter exploded with activity after it was announced that Graeme Murty has been sacked by Rangers.
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Graeme Murty relieved of duties as Rangers manager

It’s felt like every man and woman has had their say on the news. To save you from wading through it all, here is a selection of the best ones...


@4ladshadadream: Graeme Murty’s removal is for the best. Sadly it’s weeks overdue & extremely important that the people making these decisions are also held accountable. This should include the players who have woefully underperformed. We, the fans, deserve better than the utter contempt shown

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@RangersMedia: Murty stated publically he wanted the job, so I don’t have time for the argument that he was pushed into it. However, he shouldn’t have been given the job. Symptomatic of a boardroom fumbling in the dark, putting off a decision and eventually taking the path of least resistance.

@peg_left: There will be no pandering to this self-pitying attitude and acceptance of a loser attitude in my house over the likes of Graeme Murty, his time in charge has been a complete farce topped off by some of the most pathetic interviews I’ve ever heard from any manager at any level.

@will_car86rfc1: The club want Murty to stay employed by us as it stops him going to the press and telling his version of events. Self preservation by a board & CEO so far out their depth it’s frightening.

Graeme Murty has been sacked by Rangers. Picture: SNSGraeme Murty has been sacked by Rangers. Picture: SNS
Graeme Murty has been sacked by Rangers. Picture: SNS

@GersnetOnline: Ultimately the Rangers manager job proved too big for Graeme Murty but those who pushed him into it twice and for such a long period the second time are just as much to blame for his failure. Their performance should be coming under equal scrutiny.


@goddamnpal: Ready to party if Brendan appoints Murty as our new youth team coach or at the very least invites him to Lennoxtown to have a look about. Patronising masterclass.

@Dinobhoy86: Here, who minds everybody was shouting Cummings should be playing? Now the same people want Murty out for his tactics.

Picture: TwitterPicture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter

@DCLN94_: Ronny Deila won 3 trophies in 2 seasons and got twice the media pelters idiots like Murty and Pedro got.

@AgentScotland: Whatever anyone says about Graeme Murty, he did get two draws against Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic side, the two best results in The Rangers history. You can’t keep taking crayons to a bazooka fight though.


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@BBCTomEnglish: Jimmy Nicholl caretaker to the caretaker. This really is extraordinary stuff.

Picture: TwitterPicture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter

@GrahamSpiers: I’ve said it umpteen times. Last December the Rangers FC board in effect told the fan base: “Sorry, but we can’t give you a manager. We don’t know how to. We don’t have the ability. But will this youth coach do?” Sheer incompetence. Nothing else.

@ScottBurns75: Graeme Murty has stepped down as @RangersFC manager. Top man who tried hard to steady the ship in a near impossible situation. I hope this doesn’t spell the end of his coaching/managerial career.

@mrandrewdickson: 10 years ago Rangers beat Fiorentina on penalties to reach the UEFA Cup final. Today they’re going to sack a manager for the second time in six months. From a massive high to another real low. Is this the point where it finally turns for the better again at Ibrox?

@chris_sutton73: I feel sorry for Graeme Murty... he made mistakes but was the fall guy ....good luck to him in the future


@TheSPFLRadar: Murty’s gone. The assistant to the regional manager will take over for the final 3 games.

Picture: TwitterPicture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter

@SMTID: Alex Rae cruelly overlooked for the interim Rangers manager job yet again.

@craig_killie: A reminder Jimmy Nicholl’s last game as a manager saw him relegate Cowdenbeath, with one of his players arguing with supporters mid-match.

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@BBCTomEnglish: Rangers’ grand plan to replace an U-20s coach with no previous managerial experience? An U-18s coach with no previous managerial experience

@Scotlandschamps: Agent Murty return to base mission accomplished. Agent Gerrard you’re on standby to continue the fine work of agent Murty.

@ASutherland1983: Never forget that Graham Murty was so bad as manager that he lost against a Richie Foran led ICT.

@Kai_A_: Waiting for Murty to tweet saying he’s still gaffer and going nowhere

@rangerslad1983: Struth: “we welcome the chase.” McCoist: “we don’t do walking away.” Murty: “I’m just a guy at the side of the pitch.”

@Oldfirmfacts1: Graeme Murty’s resignation potentially leaves Rangers without a manager for the second weekend in a row.

@terracepodcast: Is it possible that the minimum price of alcohol going up finally forced the Rangers board into sobriety after three years and two months of getting jaked? Would explain a lot.

@paddimir: Rangers would release a statement if Leeann Dempster had red wine with fish, but not when their manager gets the sack.

@PeejPrime: The guy who was there to help the original caretaker is now deemed more capable to run the show himself, after failing the previous caretaker. Smashing idea lads.