Best Twitter reaction to BBC's bizzare '˜If England won the World Cup' video

The BBC certainly knows how to make an impact, and their latest attempt to drive up interest in their World Cup coverage has proven no exception.
England are starting to believe. Again. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)England are starting to believe. Again. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)
England are starting to believe. Again. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, File)

The fantasy video imagines what would happen should England triumph at the World Cup in Russia, ahead of their opening game tonight in Volgograd against Tunisia.

BBC Sport’s video shows everything from wild celebrations in the streets, to knighthoods and commemorative stamps honouring the squad, to, perhaps most bizarrely, a CGI image of the Queen ‘dabbing’ in honour of Delle Alli.

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There were jokes, disbelief, outrage, and the suggestion that the BBC had cursed Gareth Southgate’s men.


@AmyxJean: This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like someone making wedding photos of them and an ex on photoshop.

@VarunParkal: Lol, what is this some North Korea propaganda video?

@CharlieRomainW: Can we please stop doing this before every major tournament? For once let’s just go out there and play without any pressure and see where it takes us.


@BeardedGenius: That BBC England-winning-the-World-Cup montage is the equivalent of someone saying they couldn’t be happier with their life right now at the beginning of a horror film.

@ToePuntKing: The equivalent of a bloke doing decorating on a step ladder at the beginning of an episode of casualty.

@JanetWKing58: After that trailer if England don’t win tonight everyone will be blaming the BBC for jinxing them.

@SammyGyang: Not a bad dream. Time to wake up & face reality.

The Scots...

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@ScottReid1980: I mean, you could replace this with someone north of the border bringing out a huge saw and desperately trying to physically separate the two countries as fast as possible.

@Andalg1: And they wonder why some people in Scotland aren’t rooting for them.

@DarrenJDouglas: This is the reason not one true Scot will ever want them to win.

@_Mozza_: This is going to make watching you getting skelped all the more fun, thanks.

@Abbi_Garton: That BBC advert dreaming about what it would be like if England won the World Cup is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Can only imagine the horrors if they actually do win.

@TheGreatBaldy: Pollsters find sudden upsurge in support for Scottish Independence, after BBC runs ‘What if England wins the World Cup’ piece.

@ScotBot: Until the BBC overhyped England’s chances at the #WorldCup with that atrocious video of wishful thinking about what they’ll do if they win, I was ambivalent about supporting them.

Now I’d rather they were pumped in every single game.

The Jokes

@OldFirmFacts1: “What will happen if England win the World Cup”. Pretty sure the last 52 years have already answered that.

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@68_Dominic: This is worse than Scotland’s winning celebrations before they went to Argentina in 1978.

@PeterOwen00: Absolutely wonderful that BBC have made this “what happens if England win the World Cup” video just to give us all banter material when this doesn’t happen.

@CalJW: Imagine wanting England to win after watching this BBC “What if England won the World Cup” video.

@James_Mervyn: This is so embarrassing. Gonna be a laugh rewatching this when you’re out in the last 16.