15 Scotland football shirts that could be sold for a small fortune

Find out just how much your old Scotland jerseys are worth.

Iconic and rare football kits can sell for large sums online

Dig through the attic and rake through your wardrobe for any forgotten Scotland strips that you may have stashed away - they could be worth a healthy sum.

Sold for: 149.99. Scotland have often adopted yellow as their change colour and in 1986 they opted for this sleek version of the striped home shirt. This jersey can sell online for as much as 150.

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Sold for: 275. Sporting the yellow and red of the lion rampant, this away kit was reimagined during the 2014/15 season. The original Umbro effort can be sold for as much as 275.
Sold for 430. Remeniscent of an MC Escher painting, this training kit from 1990 has proved hugely popular with a select number of football hipsters. One listing recently fetched 430.
Sold for: 148.56. This archetypal Scottish kit from the late-eighties is sought after by some Scottish collectors.
Sold for: 249.99. Once worn in a competitive match by an international player a jersey's value can dramtically inflate. A 1988-91 top worn by Alex McLeish recently sold online for just shy of 250.
Sold for: 149.99. This pin-striped orange kit from the mid-eighties elaborated on the montoned orange shirt of the kit worn at the 1982 World Cup. One listing recently sold for 149.99
Sold for: 100. To celebrate the centenary of the Scottish national team a League XI composed of the Scottish first division's best players took on a Scotland XI. The league XI wore this ultra-rare kit which can occasionally be found online.
Sold for: 67.99. Featuring a distinctive white collar and lined sleeves, this 1978 home kit is iconic. An original replica of the kit can fetch 67.99 online
Sold for: 169.99. One 1978 home kit worn by Joe Jordan recently sold for 169.99
Sold for 171.72. Worn by Scotland at the 1990 World Cup, this simplistic dark blue kit can fetch a lofty sum at auction.
Sold for 123.50. This dark blue on darker blue strip is a hit with Scottish collectors, with one listing recently selling for 123.50
Sold for: 75. There will never be a better Scotland away kit than this bonkers away kit from the early nineties. If you own it and can bear to part with it, you can expect to earn over 70 quid.
Even Scotland less aesthetically-pleasing efforts can fetch a decent price online. For instance this yellow monstrosity sold for 200 - though it had been worn by none other than Jackie Mcnamara.
Sold for: 80. It may bring up haunting memories of a bruising defeat at the hands of Morocco, but this kit can sell for as much as 80 online.
Sold for: 69. Worn by the likes of Archie Gemmill and Kenny Dalglish, this home kit can help Scots of a certain generation remember happier times. The iconic kit can sell for up to 69 online.