Flower supports TV replays

ENGLAND coach Andy Flower says cricket must rely on television replays rather than an honesty system to judge suspect catches.

In advocating the use of video evidence, Flower put himself at odds with Australian captain Ricky Ponting, who said the use of flawed technology to decide borderline catches was "a blight on the game".

Ponting was reacting to the decision to refer to the television umpire for his claimed catch off Alastair Cook on the final day of the first Ashes test at Brisbane. Television replays were inconclusive and Cook, then 209, was reprieved and went on to make 235.

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Ponting said technology was inadequate to judge disputed catches but Flower said an honesty system was impractical in the professional age.

"I've always thought that (an honesty system) is the ideal, however if we did leave it at that, there'd be a lot of catches taken on the bounce that are claimed by fielders," Flower said.

"You can't always tell whether you've taken it cleanly. You can see that it's bounced and it's not because they're trying to cheat. It's because sometimes you just can't tell."