Fishing: Opposition prove too good at Allandale league match

It was quite amazing how the gale force winds eased just in time for the start of the winter league match at Allandale Tarn.

I was fortunate to get a favourable draw under the high bank running up the right-hand side of the water. Although it was still cold and I could see nothing moving on the surface, I opted to go with the midge tip and a single lure. I felt this was the best way forward and would try it for the first hour or so to see how it progressed.

My fears were well founded as I was into a fish of 3lb on the second cast. It put in a great scrap diving into the weeds then leaping out of the water on several occasions. I took my time to play it out as I have lost so many fish in the past by trying to bully them in too quick.

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Nerves settled and I knuckled down to some serious fishing. It was another hour before I got my next fish despite several hard pulls and tail nips. But by far the biggest bug bearer was fish dropping off for no apparent reason even though they felt solid. However, I attained my bag limit but did not catch as many as some anglers had done earlier. The local team I was fishing for had a good hiding in this the second of four matches - well done to the opposition.

Best flies and lures were Yellow Dancers, Hot Head Damsels, and Blobs under the sight indicator.