Fans give their views on Hearts drama

Derrick Campbell, Burdiehouse: "I cannot believe that this has happened yet again. Under George Burley, Hearts looked to have assembled a squad capable of challenging the Old Firm and he was sacked.

"Now, the same has happened to Jim Jefferies at a time when he appeared to have put together a squad that seemed likely to be pushing for honours. It's another slap in the face to Hearts fans and I don't know if I'll be back at Tynecastle while Romanov is in charge."

Graeme McIver, Galashiels: "Hearts, unfortunately, are run by a megalomaniac owner who seems to make decisions with all the logic of shaking a "Magic 8-Ball" and waiting for the answer. If Romanov had his doubts about JJ at the end of last season, why did he allow him to remain in charge for the whole of pre-season? Why not sack him in May? What has changed since then?"

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Richard Mills, Dalkeith: "I know that JJ is a Hearts legend and he won the Scottish Cup in 1998, but there is no room for sentiment in football. I'll never forget what he has achieved as manager but recent results have been poor. I wish his successor all the best as the new manager."

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Mikey Gillies, Bonnyrigg: "I can understand the logic in sacking Jefferies. One win in 14 games is not good enough for any team and some fans feel that JJ isn't the most tactically- minded manager. Maybe if he wasn't a Hearts fan and ex-player, people would have been calling for him to be sacked a while ago. However, considering that we've only played two league games this season, playing well in both games and getting a draw away to the champions in one, the sacking seems a bit ridiculous. It seems possible that he wasn't sacked in the summer to maintain season ticket sales."

Tedi Young, Ross-shire: "While I can fully understand Mr Romanov's concerns about the lack of wins in recent months under Jefferies and Brown, both the timing and the handling of this has been very poor. Jim and Billy are well-loved and respected by all Hearts fans and Mr Romanov's lack of respect towards them will certainly rankle with many fans. Furthermore, choosing to do this just before a very important European tie is sheer stupidity. Sadly, this type of behaviour is fairly frequent at Hearts now and no Jambo should be surprised - I know that I wasn't."

Corri Banner, Moredun: "I can understand that we haven't won in a long time but the aim was to finish third last season and we achieved that - even though Kevin Kyle was out injured for a long time. I think it's a joke that we've sacked JJ. He has a lot of SPL experience, he's a Hearts legend and he took us from bottom six to Europe within one season. Romanov has blown it again. It's time that the fans took a stance against Romanov and stopped putting our money into the club. I used to be a season ticket holder but gave it up after Ivanauskas was sacked. Romanov is more interested in front page headlines than back page headlines. Guys like Jamie Hamill and Mehdi Taouil signed because they respect Jefferies. If Paulo Sergio comes in next, I think it'll be a backwards step for the club."

Kelman Chambers, Kinross: "While I am saddened that Jim Jefferies has been sacked, he was in a results-driven business and his results have not been up to scratch. We have been absolutely terrible since the spring. I hope that JJ's successor is given the means to do the job without too much interference from Vladimir Romanov."

John Mitchell, Rosyth: "I honestly feel that the club has taken the correct decision to sack Jefferies. Jim is a great guy but I just don't feel that he has got what it takes any more. We have only won one league match in the last 14 games - that's relegation form. We have got by far and away the third biggest budget in the SPL and a great squad of players, but we have not utilised that and are not capitalising on having the third-best squad. I think that, on this occasion, Romanov has taken a proper footballing decision for proper footballing reasons. It now seems certain that Paulo Sergio will take over and he seems to have a very good pedigree. He did well at Sporting Lisbon and, if he is appointed, I hope that he does very well at Hearts, too."

Keith Eadie: "I'm shocked by this but at the end of the day football's a results business and he's not been getting the results. We have won 14 games since March and Romanov's seen that and said 'bye, bye'.But I think Romanov believes Hearts are just a joke and doesn't know what the club means to the supporters. Jim Jefferies has shown he knows what the club is all about - he was a Hearts players and then manager. We've now had ten managers since Romanov has come here."

William Stewart: "I'm devastated. I cannot believe this as Jefferies has been nothing but loyal to Hearts. I don't know why he's been kicked out the door. I'm just fed up with managers coming and going. I wish Romanov would give someone a chance at the job."

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Willie Hill: "I'm absolutely devastated. I was at Riccarton when Gary Locke was pulled off the pitch and was given the news. Jim Jefferies loves the Hearts and I think he'll now go home and think about what was offered and turn it down because he will be loyal to Billy Brown. We really have to get this man Romanov out. The sooner he goes the better for me. The wrong person has left Hearts - it should have been Romanov. Morale must be low with the players. We have important games coming up off the back of a great result at Ibrox and in Europe. But it seems whenever you get a run of results, in the cup and the league, Romanov steps in and just blows it out of the water. It's an unbelievable decision what's happened to Jim Jefferies."