Changing room chat: Brown's Cleveland food parcel offer

STRANDED St Johnstone winger Cleveland Taylor was stunned when club chairman Geoff Brown offered to ferry in food parcels.

The Jamaican has been snowed in a few miles from Perth. And, with pal Scott Dobie stuck in Carlisle, he was home alone, with only the McDiarmid chief's horses for company.

Taylor said: "The chairman has horses here and the people that keep an eye on them have been great. He also said he'd bring in groceries in his 4x4 if I needed anything. That was a nice touch."

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Taylor, 27, can't believe the snow which has deluged Scotland. And his partner, Charlotte, who is expecting their first child next month, thought he was winding her up.

"I was down in London last week to see Charlotte after the Hibs game and got the last flight out. I had to get help to dig my car out of the snow in Edinburgh and the trip to Perth was a nightmare in the blizzard. That was an experience I'll never forget. I ended up having to abandon the car at the bottom of the hill and walked up a path to the cottage. Charlotte wasn't sure to believe me when I said how bad it was up here."