American boxer wearing pro-Trump shorts gets knocked out by Mexican

An American boxer sought to make a political statement in the boxing ring last night by wearing a pair of shorts endorsing Donald Trump's border wall - only to get knocked out by a Mexican fighter.
Francisco VargasFrancisco Vargas
Francisco Vargas

Rod Salka, previously most famous for losing a one-sided battering at the hands of Mikey Garcia, was handily defeated by Mexican super-featherweight Francisco Vargas inside six rounds.

Salka, 35, lost a technical knockout victory after quitting on his stole before the start of the sixth round in his bout with the former WBC champion in Indio, California.

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He made a splash on social media during the fight when users noticed that his shorts had been designed to resemble a brick wall in the colours of the American flag, and the bore the Trump campaign slogan ‘America First’.

Building a wall on the southern board has been a consistent theme of President Trump’s campaign, and the former businessman has been criticised for his anti-Mexican rhetoric, including branding those coming from the country to America as ‘rapists’.

If Salka sought to rile up his Mexican opponent with the provocative shorts, it worked.

Vargas dropped him in the fifth round after applying fifteen minutes of damage to Salka, who stood as a Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s state legislature.

His political run win about as well as his fight, losing by over 30 per cent to his Democratic opponent.

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