Boxing: Anderson free for tilt at Smith

EDINBURGH boxer Kenny Anderson's planned bout with Liverpool's Tony Quigley has been cancelled after the latter opted to take part in the "Prizefighter" tournament instead.

However, 2006 Commonwealth Games gold medallist Anderson is content with the decision, as it clears the way for a clear shot at defending British super-middleweight champion Paul Smith.

"I was invited to enter the same 'Prizefighter' tournament", says Anderson, "but the 32,000 prize money on offer didn't tempt me. I contacted Board of Control Secretary Robert Smith, and he confirmed that I am now in the frame to have a straight go at Paul Smith."

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Anderson went on to reveal that he turned down the opportunity to challenge Smith in September, when a major English promoter offered him a straight fight – but only if he signed up with them.

Anderson remained loyal to Ricky Hatton Promotions and is now reaping the rewards of that decision, with Quigley finally presenting him with the opportunity to fight for the super-middleweight title.