'55 is coming' - Rangers and Aberdeen fans react to Greg Stewart moving to Ibrox

Greg Stewart signing for Rangers prompted a mixed response from fans.

Greg Stewart has joined Rangers following two spells at Aberdeen. Picture: SNS
Greg Stewart has joined Rangers following two spells at Aberdeen. Picture: SNS

While some were looking to see the the player who was so impressive at Kilmarnock, others were not convinced that he was the type of player who would help the club stop Celtic from winning nine-in-a-row. Everyone would have preferred it to be Ryan Kent.

Aberdeen fans had their say also.

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@Cjnovo992: "Picking him wearing blue in the announcement photo I see what you did there"

@TheStaunchest: "Looks nothing like Ryan Kent! Take him back and bring back this!!!! THIS IS WHAT WE WANT!"

@LockieA55: "Had to double check this wasn’t a fake profile"

@_scott1972 replying to the above: "Wish it wis"

@bombscare05: "Jeezo ffs. Boys no even played 1 minute for the club yet we’re writing him off. Give the man a chance. Welcome to Rangers Greg. The real fans wish you all the best and trust gerrard"

@goonerdrummond: "Funny way of spelling Ryan Kent, try again"

@GerrardLoyal7: "Whether we like it or not, Steve Clarke is a good coach and under him Greg was fantastic, i will not judge him based on his time under a s****hawk of a manager like McInnes who played him out of position continually. Best of luck Greg, we expect your best"

@DeanBrett62: "An absolute baller"


@CF3Loyal: "Only a matter of time before it was officially confirmed. Will reserve judgement until he pulls on the famous jersey but I’m extremely unenthused with the signing of Stewart, especially after Jones and Hastie. We need better if we are to win 55, let’s hope these are to come next."

@thelionbrand: "He will surprise a few fans who haven’t seen a lot of him"

@stuarty1873: "not the marquee signing we were hoping for but hopefully the start of some fresh faces, Ojo should be announced also, hopefully as good as Kent"

@Ml19dy76: "Hoping he turns out to be like a Billy Dodds signing, we all wondered back then why he was signed and he turned out to be a decent player for us."

@rhys_cooperr: "Announce another winger possibly"

@AllyStewart1989: "Better value than Turnbull!"

@kaieo: "Announcing anyone else whilst you’re at it?'

@gibbo89: "Yasss, were gonna win the league now! #55IsComing"

@sharkeysmith: "Hope he has the Rod Wallace kinda impact"

@KevinRo88665103: "I have a sneaky feeling that this will turn out to be one hell of a signing."

@KennyWil5on: "We want Mbappé, We want Mbappé!"

@AllanWarnock1: "His stats for Kilmarnock are considerably better than Kent’s and they would have improved if he didn’t move to Aberdeen who play the ball on the ground a lot less than killie"

@WullieBethel: "Not Kent or Aribo. 1/10 signing. Try again."

@euangtaylor: "In his last 30 months of playing for clubs in the Prem that aren’t Aberdeen, Greg Stewart performed at the level of a POTY contender. In his 18 months at Aberdeen, he was rubbish. I suspect he will be somewhere in between for Rangers."

@GarryCarmody: "I really wish I had a strong opinion to offer on Greg Stewart, but I'm sad to report that I think he could be alright, and if it doesn't work out, he's a very low risk signing."

@KWRFC1995: "The people saying Greg Stewart is an underwhelming signing clearly are not looking at the bigger picture"

@lewmcca: "Greg Stewart is a good player. Typical of fans to write him off before he’s kicked a ball for us. Not like us to do that eh."

@_IamMunz_: "Greg Stewart is a very good signing. He knows the league, he’ll chip in with a good few goals and assists, not sure he’ll be an instant starter but Gerrard has signed him for a reason & he seems to get the best out of players with limited ability. No risk signing. Welcome!"

@ANDYGAL19: "Greg stewart is a great signing imo as a squad player and will bring more to the table than the likes of candieas! Folk wanty get there head out the arses for a bit"

@KWRFC1995: "Greg Stewart will flourish under Steven Gerrard. Gerrard’s attacking style of play will have Stewart’s skills and pace stand out. I said it before, and I’ll keep saying it. He’s a better squad player than some we already have."

@GersnetOnline: "Last season we struggled when we were up against teams who sat deep and packed their defences. It forced us wide and teams like Aberdeen & Killie dealt with our crosses easy. In a free role off the striker, Greg Stewart will provide more guile in such situations. A solid signing."

@st2oh: "All I'm going to say is that Greg Stewart gave me the fear when we played against him because more often than not he ripped our defence a new ass hole. Turnbull...I didn't even know who he was until we signed Hastie"

And Aberdeen fans had their say:

@standfree1903: "Slower than a weekend in the cells and equally as s****. Great signing for yous"

@rrwalker69: "have him, he’s average on a good day!"

@CammyChristie1: "LooooooooL"