Willie Rennie to make pitch to independence supporters

SCOTTISH Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie is to make a pitch to supporters of independence who are concerned about the SNP’s record on public services.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Mr Rennie will use a speech to the Scottish Lib Dem conference in Dunfermline tomorrow to attempt to reach out to those who voted yes in last year’s referendum, but who are concerned about the state of the NHS and other services.

He will set out Lib Dem plans to “boost services and support public sector workers” and will claim that the SNP has starved public services of funds since the party came to power in 2007.

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Mr Rennie says: “I want to make a direct plea to supporters of independence today.

“My commitment to the United Kingdom remains as strong as ever. No-one should ever doubt that. But I recognise that many liberal-minded people have supported independence.

“As a consequence many then felt compelled to back the nationalists even if they were unhappy about the performance of the SNP in government.

“I want them to know they now have another option.”