Viewers react to the first Alex Salmond Show on RT

Alex Salmond’s first show has been broadcast on Russia Today.

Alex Salmond’s first show has been broadcast on Russia Today.

The former first minister’s debut show was broadcast at 7.30am on Russian channel, RT. The first programme featured an interview with former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont and tackled issues including LGBT rights.

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Mr Salmond had come under fire for hosting a show on the Kremlin-backed Russian broadcaster, including from Nicola Sturgeon.

He was joined by former SNP MP, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh, who interviewed Crispin Blunt about LGBT rights - a subject choice that won praise by viewers.

Viewers took to social media to have their say on the first Alex Salmond Show.

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@Zinaad said: “I’m expecting Alex Salmond and Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh to be taken off air after having LGBT so prominent on an RT show.”

@greigforbes said: “Salmond show with a feature in support of gay rights. Putin probably switching off already.”

But other Twitter users weren’t so convinced.

@colinmccredie said: “Alex Salmond talking utter mince about @RT_com. Arrogant, patronising and smug were words invented for him.”

@RobertMcM81 said: “Nothing worse than a foreigner telling you how to run your country, is there Mr Salmond?”

Mr Salmond interviewed the former Catalan president in Brussels.

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Mr Puidgemont said there was an “an intellectual incapacity” on the part of the Spanish government “to admit the possibility, the real possibility, that Spain could be different in future”.

He said: “The message is to be confident, passionate and resilient because we will win. We will succeed. Finally, democracy will prevail.”

Following his interview with the ousted Catalan president, Mr Salmond offered a right of reply to the Spanish Government and insisted he has not given his support to Catalan independence.

He said: “Catalonia is not Scotland and Scotland is not Catalonia” and said he supported “the right of the people to decide freely and fairly” the future of Catalonia.

RT has been branded a “Russian propaganda channel”, but the former MP insisted his production company, Slainte Media, would have editorial control over the show.

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