Super 6: Decision time for which league second XVs will play in

Tonight’s SRU Special General Meeting at BT Murrayfield is the latest chapter in the ongoing Super 6 saga, with the vexed question of where the second XVs of the winning ‘franchises’ will play in the domestic structure next season to be decided.

The Super 6 teams for season 2019/2020 but where will their second teams play? Picture: SNS
The Super 6 teams for season 2019/2020 but where will their second teams play? Picture: SNS

When the SRU launched its new part-time professional league, which is due to start later this year contested by Melrose, Ayr, Watsonians, Boroughmuir, Heriot’s and Stirling County, the stated intention was for these clubs’ second strings to drop down to the second tier National League 1.

However, a motion passed at last year’s AGM gave back control to clubs to have the final say in any changes to national competitions. That presented a loophole which could allow the status quo to remain unless amended by an SGM or AGM.

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If the motion presented by SRU president Dee Bradbury passes tonight then the four Premiership clubs not involved in Super 6 – Hawick, Edinburgh Accies, Glasgow Hawks and Currie Chieftans – will be joined by the top six from National League 1 to form next season’s top club division.

The main points of the SRU motion are that the “Club XVs” of the Super 6 teams will play in National 1 next season.

At the end of seasons 2019-20 and 2020-21, one club will be relegated from the Premiership to National 1, and one club promoted from National 1 to the Premiership, where there will be no relegation this season.

Relegation will take place from National 1, 2 and all lower leagues in accordance with the presently operating competition rules.

Three amendments have been successfully added to the SGM agenda, with one from Falkirk RFC calling for the Super 6 second XVs to be excluded completely from the national domestic structure, form their own competition or play in reserve leagues.

Currie will argue that the top flight retains the name Premiership and cannot be altered “on a whim” by the SRU.

Finally, Haddington propose that if the motion is passed the Super 6 second XVs are ineligible for promotion back to the top flight for three seasons.

The meeting opens at 6pm in the President’s Suite at BT Murrayfield tonight. A quorum of one third of eligible clubs is required, with a simple majority needed to carry the motion.