Scottish schoolboy stabbed at lunchtime near to secondary school

A teenage pupil has been stabbed during a lunchtime altercation near a Glasgow secondary school.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon voiced her concern last night after the schoolboy was stabbed.

The incident happened at 1.30pm yesterday in Kilmarnock Road in Shawlands, a few hundred yards from Shawlands Academy.

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The secondary school and scene of yesterday’s attack lie within the Scottish Parliamentary constituency of Glasgow Southside, respresented in Holyrood by First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Police are at the scene. Picture: John Devlin.
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Last night, she tweeted:” Very worrying incident in my constituency and my thoughts are with the injured boy.

“I’ve just had an update from the local police, and I know they’re doing everything possible to investigate the incident and provide appropriate reassurance around the school over next few days.”

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Police say the victim was a 13-year-old boy, who was taken by ambulance to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital at Govan.

Shopkeeper Tanveer Baber, of Shawlands News, later drove to the hospital to see if he could see the youth but was unable to gain admission.

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The 43-year-old businessman said:”We were serving customers when I noticed a commotion outside.

“I went out and saw the boy had an injury and was lying on the pavement. I did not want to move him so I stayed with him and shouted for someone to call an ambulance.

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“The only injury I could see was to his thigh. I have been here 11 years and have never seen so much as a fight outside my shop.

“We usually keep the kids in check. This boy is a regular customer, polite and well-mannered. I am very upset. This should not have happened to him.

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“I’m going to try and visit him in hospital when we close, just to see he’s alright.”

Officers quickly cordoned off the blood-stained pavement outside Shawlands News and Puffs, an e-liquids store.

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Elderly shoppers were guided past the cordon as traffic built up in the area.

Other school pupils stood at a bus stop near the scene as Police officers waited to speak to them.

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A 15-year-old boy was arrested.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said:”Around 1.30pm, Police were called after a 13-year-old boy was stabbed on Kilmarnock Road, near its junction with Skirving Street.

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“He was taken to Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. There are no details on his injuries.

“No-one else was hurt in the incident. A 15-year-old youth has been arrested.

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“Inquiries are on-going.”

The main thoroughfare of Kilmarnock Road is usually packed at lunch time with pupils seeking out fast food outlets.

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Shawlands Academy is one of the biggest secondary schools on the south side of Glasgow, with an estimated 1250 pupils and 100 teachers.

Pupils have recently been participating in a national initiative, aimed at reducing violence among children.

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The Mentors in Violence Prevention seeks to “use a by-stander approach to help prevent bullying and gender-based violence.”

The aims of the scheme state:” It allows junior pupils to engage in lessons delivered by senior students who they know understand the issues they may face.

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“Some of these issues include: - name calling, online abuse, isolation, nasty rumours, controlling behaviour, unhealthy relationships and more.

“Once trained, mentors will be expected to deliver 4 lessons to S1 or S2 PSE classes in groups of 3.

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“These lessons are scripted and will form part of the training days. You will also have a member of staff to support you and of course the teacher of the PSE class will be there to supervise.”

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