Scottish actor Omar Raza assaulted ‘after Paris attack’

A Scottish actor and comedian was assaulted on a Glasgow street following the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Omar Raza, left, with the cast of Fags, Mags and Bags

Omar Raza, who has starred in Limmy’s Show and Radio 4’s Fags, Mags and Bags, said he was accused of “funding ISIS” and being a “terrorist”.

He was then kicked to the ground by three men during the incident in the southside of the city on Thursday.

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Police Scotland said they were investigating the assault.

Mr Raza, 26, told BBC Scotland that he believed the Paris terror attacks was a “major contributor” behind the assault on him.

The comedian said he was walking along Torrisdale Street in Queens Park at around 11.15am on Thursday.

He was then approached and racially abused by three white men aged in their 30s or 40s.

He added: “I said I have no issue with you. They started laughing, and kept going with the derogatory language. I went past them and in a matter of seconds, I was jumped from behind.”

Mr Raza, who has lived in Glasgow his whole life and has never suffered any physical abuse before, said he was put in a headlock before two of the men threw him to the ground and kicked him.

The third attacker took Mr Raza’s bag off his shoulder, and emptied the contents over him before kicking the 26-year-old. The three attackers then ran off.

A spokesman from Police Scotland said they had received a report that a man was assaulted and subjected to racial abuse and violence and were studying CCTV.