Labour MSP excluded from Holyrood by Presiding Officer

LABOUR MSP James Kelly was excluded from the Holyrood chamber by Presiding Officer Tricia Marwick after he was involved in a clash with her over her ruling that the Scottish Parliament did not have the power to block David Cameron’s controversial Trade Union Bill.

James Kelly was excluded from the Holyrood chamber. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Mr Kelly was banned from the chamber for the remainder of today as well as throughout tomorrow after he repeatedly refused to sit down when instructed to do so by her, as he sought to challenge the ruling.

Ms Marwick told Mr Kelly, who is Labour’s business manger in charge of party discipline, to “desist” and “apologise” after he attempted to carry on speaking when she told him to stop.

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Holyrood kick out SNP bid to block trade union laws

Mr Kelly had wanted Ms Marwick to withdraw her ruling that the UK government’s trade union bill, which will restrict trade union activity, did not infringe on devolved matters.

The Labour MSP, speaking after being ordered to leave the chamber, said Ms Marwick’s decision to exclude him was “ridiculous” and “outrageous”.

Mr Kelly said he would look at how he could appeal against the action taken against him by the Presiding Officer.