Judy Murray’s Scottish tenner refused by London shop that only accepts ‘British notes’

Judy Murray has tweeted her shock at the fact that on a trip to a London shop her Scottish £10 note was refused due to the staff only accepting ‘British notes’.

Alongside a picture of the rather expensive doughnuts that she tried to buy from the store, the tennis coach tweeted: “When you go to pay £9 for two doughnuts (yes, really) in London and your £10 Bank of Scotland note is refused because ‘we only take British ones’.”

People were quick to post the now famous Michael McIntyre ‘legal tender’ meme in response, while others simply couldn’t believe that she had to pay £9 for two doughnuts.

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Faith Simpson wrote: “I’d have left the Scottish note on counter and left. It’s legal tender so you’re not refusing to pay how ignorant.”

Another added: “I once told a sales assistant in Debenhams Bury ‘We accept yours’ when she wasn’t going to take my Scottish £20 note. She took it then.”

User @Tam1314 quipped: “Hope you told them where to stick their doughnuts.”

The sports activist was recently in Glasgow to promote the regeneration of Maryhill park’s dilapidated tennis courts, and shed some light on her son’s return to fitness.

The mother of three-time grand slam champion Andy said she was ‘hopeful’ of his return but insisted ‘it’s early days’.

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