Reality TV show Eden heads for remote Scots West Coast beach

A remote beach on the West Coast has been chosen for the latest survival reality TV series.

The Ardnamurchan will host a reality TV series where participants will spend a year fending for themselves. Picture: Donald Macleod

Cul na Croise Bay will welcome 24 participants in Channel 4’s series Eden, where they will spend a year fending for themselves, hunting for food, growing crops and building shelter – all on camera. The programme begins in March on the Ardnamurchan peninsula.

Donald Houston, who owns the Ardnamurchan Estate, north-west of the village of Acharacle, said: “The film company first approached us around 18 months ago. We laughed and thought they were completely mad at first, as we know how challenging the landscape is around here and it seemed impoossible people could survive on their own.

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“The areas they have chosen have been uninhabited for many years. We know people lived there in the Bronze Age, but, as people have gradually become less self-sufficient, they have left for more accessible areas.”

He added: “It can get very wet and windy here, which will make it difficult to build shelter and to find food. The weather will be a big issue, and the land is not very fertile for growing crops. There are a few more sheltered areas on the sites but they will need to find them.”

Channel 4 confirmed they are still casting for the show. An online advert states: “Are you tired of modern life? Would you like to start all over again?”