Living with the famous white ponies of Luskentyre Beach

The white ponies of Luskentyre beach on the isle of Harris have appeared on countless postcards and holiday snaps the world over.

But the pair, who have come to represent one of Scotland’s most beautiful beaches, remain at the heart of one family who live close to the shore.

The white ponies of Luskentyre appear in pictures and postcards around the world and have become symbols of one of Scotland's most beautiful beaches.
The ponies, Toby, 16 and Isla, 7, belong to the MacKay family who live close to the sands. Both are pedigree ponies - Toby is a Highland and Isla an Eriskay.
The ponies were raised by Joanna MacKay, 21, (pictured), who works as a midwife.
The ponies graze on the common lands of Luskentyre and can often be found on the beach eating maram grass and seaweed.
They are no strangers to photographers, some who tempt them with carrots and apples in a bid for the perfect shot.
"They are very well photographed but they are well used to it now. They seem happy with it. We always see our ponies appearing on the internet," says Isobel MacKay, Joanna's mum.