“If it was made in Glasgow, why does Glasgow ask for salt n vinegar?” - readers react to chippy sauce story

Evening News readers have had a lot to say about our chippy sauce story.

Tony Crolla with his Edinburgh chippy sauce at Bertie's, on Victoria Street. Picture: Lisa Ferguson, TSPL.

We told how Edinburgh’s world famous sauce had a shocking secret - it is made in Glasgow.

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Shocking secret of Edinburgh’s chippy sauce revealed

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In an interview with Tony Crolla, owner of Bertie’s on Victoria Street - the UK’s largest chippy - we revealed that Walter Black, in Glasgow, had been making and supplying the Capital with the popular sauce for a long time.

“The chippy sauce that all the city’s chippies buy, and have done since I was born, is made by Walter Black in Glasgow,” Mr Crolla said.

“It’s his Gold Star brand that we all use, so I really don’t know why it has become such an Edinburgh thing and not more of a national thing.”

And many readers agreed.

“If it was made in Glasgow, why does Glasgow ask [for] salt n vinegar...n don’t have chippy sauce?” one reader asked on Facebook.

Another described the Glasgow link as “shocking”.

But some readers believe Edinburgh’s famous chippy sauce tastes very different now in comparison to their childhood.

One reader commented: “The original was Rowats mixed with the vinegar oot the pickled ingins! Gold Star is the closest oot a Supermarket! SaltnSos aw the wa.”

“Chippy sauce is c**p now - not how it used to be when I was a bairn,” posted another.

Either way - regardless of where it is made and indeed to what recipe - it would appear there is no pleasing some chip eaters.

“The fact that it’s watered down brown sauce is no secret. Give me salt and vinegar every time,” one reader said.

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