Homes evacuated after fire breaks out at Granton flats

A blaze broke out at a block of flats in Granton causing severe damage to a number of flats.

Picture: Nickie Marshall
Picture: Nickie Marshall

The fire broke out on the seventh floor of the eight-storey apartment block at Heron Place, near Hesperus Crossway before 9.30 this morning.

Emergency services raced to the scene and around 35 firefighters worked to extinguish the flames.

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Local residents were evacuated from the tower block.

One resident, who raced back to Granton after a call from her landlord, was shocked to see pictures of flames licking the outside of her flat. She said: “The flames were right outside my bedroom window and around our balcony, it ravaged the wall.

“We were at work when we got the call from our flatmate and rushed straight back to the flats. The fire was out by the time we got there.

“The entire block was cordoned off and we couldn’t get anywhere near it but they let us get back in to grab some of our belongings.

She said she was remaining positive as no-one was hurt but that the incident was exhausting. “Luckily not too much was burnt but it has been deemed uninhabitable.

Fire damage following the blaze at Granton tower block Heron Place, near Hesperus Crossway on Monday morning.

“We don’t know yet exactly what happened but it looks as if it may have started on the balcony below.”

There were no casualties in the incident.

Witness Marion Hall was dropping her car off for repairs in Granton when she saw the blaze take hold.

“I heard a guy say ‘look at that house on fire’ and there were flames belching out,” said Ms Hall.

“I’m really glad to hear that no one’s hurt. I live in a flat myself and seeing something like that makes you how you’d get out if I couldn’t get to the front door.

“I’d have to get a neighbour to bring a mattress round and jump.”

A SFRS spokeswoman said: “The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service was alerted at 9.28am on Monday, February 11 to reports of a fire within a tower building in Edinburgh.

“Operations control mobilised a number of fire engines to Heron Place where firefighters extinguished the fire on the seventh floor.

“There are no casualties. Crews remain in attendance checking the area to ensure it is made safe.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said officers were supporting the SFRS during the incident.

She said: “Police in Edinburgh were called to Heron Place by the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service at 9.30am on Monday February 11 after reports of a fire at a block of flats.

“Officers remain in attendance to support the fire response.”

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