Scotland’s biggest prison to be replaced by £100m ‘super jail’

HM Prison Barlinnie. Picture: John Devlin
HM Prison Barlinnie. Picture: John Devlin
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Scotland’s largest and most notorious prison is set to close down in order to make way for a new £100 million facility, according to the Sunday Mail.

HMP Barlinnie, situated in the Riddrie area of Glasgow with a capacity of 1,000 inmates, will be put up for sale under plans given the go-ahead by the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Prison Service has identified three locations for the new prison, two of which lie inside Glasgow and one on the outskirts.

It will be double the size of Barlinnie and cost around £100 million. Some of the cost will be offset by the sale of the old prison.

A prison source told the Sunday Mail: “This is long overdue. Barlinnie was past its sell-by date many years ago.

“Its conditions are the worst in Scotland and probably the entire UK.

“Barlinnie’s history is dark and violent and it belongs in the past.”