Glasgow odd one out of world’s 140 subway systems on poster

A POSTER representing 140 of the world’s major subway systems features Scotland’s only entrant – and it sticks out like a sore thumb.

Spot the odd one out. Glasgow's 'clockwork orange' is a little more rounded than any of its counterparts. Picture: Neil Freeman

The artwork created by Neil Freeman includes minimalist blueprints of all major undergound metro lines, including the London Underground, the New York City Subway and the Shanghai Metro.

Whilst 139 of these subway routes stretch out in intersecting lines and spider-y shapes, the Glasgow Subway ‘line’ is rendered as a simple, albeit imperfect oval.

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It’s the third oldest system in the world – it was officially opened in December 1896 – but no other city has embraced the layout devised by Glasgow’s transport chiefs.

Neil Freeman's poster design features every major subway system worldwide. Picture: Neil Freeman

The Glasgow Subway’s presence on the poster underscores its unique design, though the absence of stops in areas such as the East End continues to be a source of regret.

The poster is available to purchase for $20 at