Glasgow marketing tech firms join forces

Two Glasgow firms have struck a partnership deal that promises to enable businesses to “maximise interactions” with customers using social media.

Grant Fraser of Digitonic (left) with Stuart Stott of Fore. Picture: Contributed

Smart mobile marketing specialist Digitonic and digital creative agency Fore said they were combining their knowhow to deliver an “advanced conversational marketing platform”.

The move involves integrating two offerings, Digitonic’s conversational marketing platform, called Yapper, and Fore’s “social gamification” technology.

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The new platform, which is said to have been “tactically drip-fed” into each company’s customer base, is already gaining strong interest in the market, with both firms winning business totalling in excess of £100,000 last month alone.

Grant Fraser, chief executive at Digitonic, which was founded in 2011 and currently employs 20 people, said: “Fore’s social gamification technology enables businesses and brands to vastly increase traffic to the top of the conversation funnel.

“It is then down to Digitonic’s Yapper platform to move users down this funnel with a tailored conversation flow to achieve the desired result for the brands that we are working with.

“Both Digitonic and Fore felt that instead of trying to compete against one another, our organisations would benefit from combining our expertise to produce a more powerful and mutually beneficial offering. This approach enabled both companies to focus on what we are best at.”

Stuart Stott of Fore, which employs some 30 staff at its studio within Glasgow Green’s iconic Templeton Building, added: “The partnership came about through admiration of one another’s technology and marketing campaigns, and instead of trying to mimic each other with challenger models, it simply made sense for us to team up and play to one another’s strengths.”