These are the happiest (and unhappiest) places to live in Scotland

The happiest and unhappiest regions to live in Scotland have been revealed in a new 'Happiness Index' survey from the Bank of Scotland.


The annual survey asks Scots how happy or unhappy they are in local communities to create a range of happiness between -100 and +100. Here is the list of regions of Scotland and how they fared on the index.

Stunning landscapes helped Highlands and Islands to a 55.6 happiness score. Picture: Stephan Krause. Copyright: Wikimedia Commons

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Famous railway journeys saw Fife have a 48.6 happiness score. Picture: Greg Macvean. Copyright: PA
Happiness score - 46.1. Picture: Owen Humphreys. Copyright: PA
Home to Edinburgh Castle, Lothians has a happiness score of 44.7. Picture: Lisa Ferguson. Copyright: jpimedia
Happiness score: 43.3 Picture: Andrew Milligan.
Scotland's west coast has a happiness score of 43.1. Picture: Danny Lawson
Happiness score: 41.5 Picture: Robert Perry.
Home to Scotland's largest city, the Glasgow region only has a happiness score of 38.5. Picture: John Devlin.