Scotland trending: Today’s most talked-about stories

TODAY’S top stories on social media from Scotland and beyond, including calls for the Scotland Bill to be halted plus cats and cucumbers

Robert Carlyle. Picture: Lesley Martin

Glasgow named among elite travel destinations

There is nothing like a bit of inter-coast rivalry to set social media alight and the story about Glasgow being hailed a must-see world destination did just that.

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Esteemed publication National Geographic included dear Glasgae in it fifth annual “Best of the World” lists with the result, quite rightly, being met with much applause in the West.

Glasgow is now in a league next to destinations in Brazil and Japan with VisitScotland hoping its inclusion will lead to an influx of new visitors to the city.

It was Glasgow’s vibrant art and music scene that secured its place on the list, National Geographic said.

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Peers demand Scotland Bill be halted

A House of Lords committee has called for the Scotland Bill to be halted amid concerns over the proposed legislation.

The Economic Affairs Committee has claimed the future of the UK “could well be at risk” if the problem are not solved at this stage.

Issues include agreement on the funding of the Scottish budget and how it is adjusted once powers are devolved, the scrutiny of public revenues and spending, borrowing powers, fiscal rules and fiscal institutions.

The committee has said the Bill should not proceed to the committee stage - the first stage where amendments can be made – a framework to deal with these issues is set out.

Cats and cucumbers backlash

The internet loves cats, but it seems many don’t love the new craze of scaring your cat with a cucumber as much.

Several video showing cat owners spooking their cats with the fruit have gone viral.

The cucumber is typically left on the kitchen floor when the cat is engrossed in its food bowl and when spotted, prompts the cat to go into full on “startle response”.

Animal behaviour experts say it is not a good thing to willingly stress out your pets – with cat lovers heading online to agree.

Trainspotting 2 ‘one of the best f***ing scripts ever’, says Robert Carlyle

Robert Carlyle has given a tantalising hint about the Trainspotting sequel, claiming that it is “one of the best” scripts he has ever read.

The sequel to the 1996 classic has yet to go into production, but Carlyle has said that he has already enjoyed a sneak peek of the storyline.

He confirmed that the movie will be set 20 years after the original but not all characters will have grown up, Carlyle hinted.

Carlyle admitted playing psychopathic Begbie had been “f***ing terrific” for his career, the film;s success does have its drawbacks.

“People still quote lines to me on a f***ing daily basis. I get it everywhere; I can’t f***ing escape it!,” he said.

Local newspaper outs alleged racists

The Paisley Daily Express has made the news after outing locals who allegedly posted inflammatory comments on Facebook about Syrian refugees arriving in the town.

Pictures of those who have seemingly posted hateful remarks on the social media site have been carried on the front page of the paper.

The story has been widely shared across Scotland with the newspaper winning plaudits for its stance.

The paper has condemned “racist, xenophobic and sectarian bigots” in the town.

Those named and shamed by the paper are now reportedly seeking legal advice.