Runner raises over £1k for Alzheimer Scotland

A Glasgow based businessman has been so inspired by running his first ever marathon, he’s now roped all his work colleagues into taking on a similar challenge next year.

Jamie McDonald has raised £1100 for Alzheimer Scotland

Jamie McDonald, who works for Thames Water Commercial Services, was delighted to survive the New York marathon this month, clocking an impressive time of four hours seventeen minutes and raising £1100 for Alzheimer Scotland.

Now, after talking about it endlessly following his return to the office, he has inspired his manager and two other colleagues to join him at the Edinburgh Marathon next year, where they plan to run as a relay team.

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The Thames Water Commercial Services sales team, who provide water and wastewater services to businesses throughout Scotland, are planning to raise money for WaterAid, a very apt cause who’s aim is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

The businessman has roped his workmates into a similar challenge next year

Jamie, 33, from Crookston, Glasgow, who works as a Business Development Manager for the firm, said: “I’ve always loved New York so running my first marathon over there was fantastic and despite a nagging injury, the energy of the New York crowd got me through it in a respectable time.

“When I got back I may have banged on about it a bit much in the office, so inevitably it came round to me setting them all a challenge - but I didn’t actually expect them to agree to it.”

Jamie will be running the relay event with his colleagues Alan Munro, Kevin Durnian and Garry Temple .

Alan, who heads up Thames Water Commercial Services in Scotland said: “We were all amazed when Jamie announced his plans to run the New York Marathon and his commitment to training and the cause has been impressive.

“When he got back to work you could see how much he’d got out of it, not just raising the money for the charity that he cares so much about, but also overcoming the marathon itself. He was pretty much buzzing and his enthusiasm was infectious.

“I’m sure it will be a breeze for Jamie, but the rest of us are going to need to get a lot of training in before May as it has been a while since we’ve done any sort of distance running. We’re looking forward to it though and I’m confident we can raise a decent amount of money for WaterAid.”