Piers Morgan and Ross Greer in live TV spat over Winston Churchill

One revels in his reputation as the UK’s most out-spoken daytime TV presenter. The other is a Green MSP relatively unknown - until this week, at least - outside of Scottish political circles.

Greer (right) appeared on the ITV show Good Morning Britain to defend his views on Sir Winston Churchill
Greer (right) appeared on the ITV show Good Morning Britain to defend his views on Sir Winston Churchill

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan enjoyed a full and frank exchange of views with Ross Greer over the unlikely subject of Sir Winston Churchill on ITV today.

Greer, the youngest representative in the Scottish Parliament, had been invited to appear on the flagship breakfast show to expand on his controversial opinion that Churchill was a “white supremacist mass murderer”, which he had declared in response to a Conservative party tweet praising the British war time leader.

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In lively exchanges, Morgan, a former tabloid newspaper editor, said: “There’s a younger generation... who decide to twist history to suit a narrative that people like Winston Churchill are evil people who should be condemned.

“You have not presented a single positive thought process about Winston Churchill at all.

““You are saying the man who saved us from the Nazis was no better than the Nazis themselves.”

To Greer, he added: “You know what I find revolting, you. I find what you said about Winston Churchill and your sneering, smirking performance today as you denigrate this great national icon, I find you revolting and you offensive.”

Greer, who was returned to Holyrood to represent West Scotland via the list vote at the 2016 elections, stuck to his guns.

“This is about taking a rounded view of history,” said Greer. “Here in the UK we’re unable to talk about this without people like yourself having a tantrum. It’s very snowflake of you.

But Morgan retorted: “I’m not snowflake about Winston Churchill. I know he was a flawed character. I also know he almost single-handedly saved this country from the abyss in World War II.”

Morgan’s co-presenter, Susannah Reid, added: “You seem to be articulating a completely isolated, unique, version of history. Everybody celebrates Sir Winston Churchill.”

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The Green MSP suggested in turn: “If you go to India, Ireland, Kenya... they absolutely don’t.”

At least one viewer was unimpressed with Greer’s opinion. He tweeted: “This is the problem with politics, how does somebody like Ross a 21 year old with no life experience, who sits at his computer googling Sir Winston Churchill and drinking Irn-Bru become a representative of people.”

But Greer hit back: Unlike my thoughts on Churchill, this will cost me votes... I don’t like Irn-Bru.”