Pageants helped Scots beauty manage her anxiety

A SCOTTISH beauty queen says entering beauty pageants has helped her manage her crippling anxiety.

Jennifer said paegents have helped her to manage her anxiety

Jennifer Glasgow, hopes to help promote a healthy body image with other young women who worry about their looks.

The 26-year-old, who won Beauty of Scotland 2016, said: “My name got called it took me a whole five seconds to realise what had just happened - it wasn’t until the girl standing next to me squealed and hugged me.

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“The reason I had started pageants was the reason most girls do, to build self confidence, to meet new people and of course the excuse to get all glammed up. I suffered from depression and anxiety, and it got so bad I couldn’t go outside by myself or I would pass out from panic attacks.

Jennifer hopes to help promote a healthy body image with other young women

“I decided to battle my fears and enter my first pageant.

“There is this preconceived idea that pageants are all catty, cliquey and all you get judged on are your looks - when it is far from the truth.

“I have met most of my close friends through doing them and have managed to stabilise my anxiety. You also have to be aware of issues going on in the world around you. I am not a size six or a model, in fact I am a curvy size 12. I don’t parade around in high heels and diamanté dresses in ever day life, in reality I am a dog groomer - I wear an overall and trainers, no make up with my hair tied up!”.

After her recent pageant win Jennifer, who lives in Glasgow, has decided to support two Scottish charities, The Lodging House Mission, and a dog rescue charity.

Jennifer was delighted to win Beauty of Scotland 2016

She said: The Lodging House Mission in Glasgow provide a safe place for underprivileged individuals whether that be homeless, addicts or just OAPs needing some company.

“They put people in touch with hostels, recruitment agencies etc anything they may need. They have computers with the internet so people can keep in touch with friends and family and also look for jobs.

“They also have educational classes, creative seminars and bingo nights. I think it is important to be an active member of your community and to help people that are less fortunate than ourselves, especially at this time of year.

“I am currently in discussions with my other chosen charity, a dog rescue. As an animal lover it was really important to me to support an animal charity as they do amazing work for poor homeless dogs.”

The International final of Beauty of the World will take place next Summer in Spain.