Man ‘shot’ near Bishopbriggs school

ARMED police were called to a street near a primary school north of Glasgow after a man was allegedly shot.
Dornoch Place where the incident happened. Picture: GoogleDornoch Place where the incident happened. Picture: Google
Dornoch Place where the incident happened. Picture: Google

Officers from Police Scotland’s armed response unit were called to Dornoch Place in Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire, at about 3:10pm yesterday after reports of a man carrying a gun. Parents picking up their children heard loud banging sounds and called emergency services.

The force said a man was believed to have been shot in the incident, but stressed it did not take place on the grounds of St Helen’s Primary School in nearby Wester Cleddens Road. It added that no staff or pupils from the school were involved.

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The surrounding area was busy at the time with parents waiting for their children at the end of the school day.

In the aftermath of the incident, there was a heavy police presence in the area, with officers seen in the nearby street of Vale Walk, next to a car that appeared to have been burnt out and abandoned.

Residents said a police helicopter had also been at the scene while some parents recalled hearing loud sounds similar to fireworks going off. One parent at St Helen’s claiming to be an eyewitness posted on Facebook that loud bangs were heard in the area late yesterday afternoon as she and others were picking up pupils.

She wrote: “It happened outside St Helen’s school as we were heading back to our cars.

“We heard what sounded like fireworks. People were very concerned taking cover and police were called as it happened.”

She added: “Lots of people concerned and they did this all we after we had picked up our children. Girls were shaken.”

Another parent of a pupil at nearby Turnbull High School added: “The police had advised the school to keep the pupils in and then we got another text saying it was safe to send them home.

“It is usually a quiet place here and very safe, so it was a bit of shock. We are still seeing police running about now, hopefully everyone is OK though.”

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One resident in the area, who did not wish to be named, said there was a loud noise shortly after 3pm which sounded like three separate “popping” sounds, adding that it “definitely wasn’t a car backfiring”.

Police Scotland sealed off Dornoch Place, a residential street featuring rows of semi-detached properties, along with nearby Pentland Drive and Wester Cleddens Road.

The force said inquiries into the incident were ongoing, and that it had stepped up patrols in the area to help reassure the public.

Chief inspector Craig Smith said: “It is very unusual for an incident of this nature to happen and I can understand that it has caused alarm amongst people in the community. Additional police patrols are in the area to provide extra reassurance to the local community.”

“Officers are working to establish the circumstances of the incident and I am particularly keen to appeal to anyone who may have seen the incident or who had been in the area around that time to contact the police on 101 with any information.

“Alternatively call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”