Inside the gigantic Emirates' A380 'superjumbo' set to fly from Glasgow

The huge Airbus A380 which landed in Glasgow airport earlier this week is the largest passenger aircraft in the world.

A380 arrives at Glasgow Airport.

The double-decker plane on Emirates’ Dubai route is likely to provide a boost for the Scottish airport as the A380 will fly the route from June until 30 September, before returning next year. We take a sneak peek inside the 489-passenger behemoth.

Captain Michael Tilnet and 1st officer Mubarak Ali Almeiri. The A380 has a 15,000 km (9444 miles) range and flies two of the world's longest routes: Dubai - Auckland and Dallas-Sydney.

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The superjumbo comes fully equipped with its own bar
First class and business class passengers can enjoy a mini spa.
Free champagne and a set menu are on offer for business class passengers and above.
Because the A380 is so large and heavy, Airbus claim, even in economy youll get a very smooth ride without feeling much turbulence.
The First Class bathrooms come with a shower suite meaning, those lucky few who can afford it can have a shower at 35,000 feet.
The wingspan of an Airbus A380 is 79.75m thats approximately eight Edinburgh double deckers.