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Kevin Bridges was the top selling performer at the Hydro this yearKevin Bridges was the top selling performer at the Hydro this year
Kevin Bridges was the top selling performer at the Hydro this year
IT’S never too early to learn something new like what discoveries did Scottish scientists make, and which pubs are listed buildings, plus a couple other things.

What were the best selling shows at The Hydro?

With over 1,045,300 people visiting The Hydro last year, and the Glasgow venue being ranked as the second-busiest entertainment venue in the world, it sparks interest as to what were the biggest selling shows in the city.

Kevin bridges takes the number one spot with 192,000 people attending his 16 show run this year. The local comedian has shot to stardom and become the most popular act performing there this year.

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Coming in second was Disney on Ice. The nine show spectacle drew the crowds in in March, with performances from Frozen, Tangled and Beauty and the Beast.

Poverty isn’t a choice, according to Scotland’s young people

Almost 90 per cent of Scotland’s young people think that poverty is not a matter of choice, according to a report by the Scottish Youth Parliament (SYP).

This is in contrast to findings in a Scottish Government report earlier this year that 72 per cent of adult Scots believe individual factors such as having parents who do not want to work or drug and alcohol addiction problems are the reasons behind child and youth poverty, as opposed to structural factors.

Released as part of Challenge Poverty Week, the report – named It’s Not A Choice – aims to gain a better understanding of how young people in Scotland feel about poverty.

Scottish scientists are at the heart of discoveries

Hidden away in East Kilbride is a world-class Scottish lab, where the discovery of water on Mars was made and the DNA of ancient Kings was examined.

Despite many not people knowing of it, professor Robert Ellam, director of the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC) and his team work from one of the largest isotope facilities in the world.

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The team were also one of two radiocarbon labs that dated the skeleton of Richard III.

The Scottish pubs which are listed buildings

The Horseshoe in Glasgow is a Grade A listed building, in which very little has changed since the early 20th Century.

No architect has yet been connected to the Horseshoe but one theory is that publican John Scouller, who purchased it in 1884, may have put his love of horses into its design.

The Horseshoe is also considered a trailblazer with its island bar, which became a must for higher class Glasgow pubs from the 1890s. To meet new licensing laws, the island bar allowed them to keep a better eye on patrons as well as speeding up service.

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