Festival prankster’s tweet sparks police search

POLICE were investigating claims from a T In the Park attendee that he was trapped in a tent bag on the campus site - which turned out to be untrue.

T in the Park came to a close yesterday, but Scott Johnston from Ayr, tweeted at the T in the Park official account earlier this morning saying: “@Tinthepark im somewhere in green 7 someone has packed me into a tent bag for a joke and I can’t get out I don’t have much battery left”

The tweet quickly picked up huge traction, with over 3,000 retweets in 2 hours and the trending hashtag #prayforScott soon proving popular.

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Police Scotland replied to the apparent distress signal tweeting “@ScottJohnston8 Hi Scott please tweet us with more info if you can. We have officers with stewards in the area looking for you now.”

“@ScottJohnston8 please can you, a friend or family member contact us on 101.”

Johnston followed up his viral tweet with the notice of his apparent freedom, writing:

“It’s okay everyone my friends unzipped me earlier never been so happy to see the rain”

This follow-up news of his release fuelled speculation that this may have been a practical joke that got out of hand - with many debating his ability to carefully construct a tweet from the confines of a tent bag.

According to the Daily Record, the 23-year-old admitted that he “tweeted it for a laugh” and didn’t expect it to “spiral out of control”.