Scots parents celebrate babies born on Christmas

A Paisley couple are celebrating with “the perfect Christmas present” after their daughter was the first baby born in Scotland today.

Leavi Docherty was the first baby to be born on Christmas Day 2015. Picture: Hemedia
Leavi Docherty was the first baby to be born on Christmas Day 2015. Picture: Hemedia

Kerry Docherty, 25, and Ryan Duffy, 24, from the East Renfrewshire town, were delighted when their baby was the first to be born in the country on Christmas Day.

Ms Docherty had been in hospital for two days as staff tried to induce the birth of daughter Leavi.

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Leavi was born at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley at 12:14am, weighing 7lb 13oz.

The first baby born on Christmas Day at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh was Hollie Archibald, held by her mother Stacey. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Ms Docherty, a call centre worker, said: “I couldn’t stop crying when I first held her in my arms. She’s just the perfect Christmas present.”

Another new mother told of her relief as she gave birth to one of Scotland’s first Christmas babies a month earlier than her due date.

Sarah Clark, 30, from East Calder, West Lothian, gave birth to her second son Ryan Andrew at St John’s Hospital in Livingston at 12:18am.

The birth was four weeks earlier than expected.

The first baby born on Christmas Day at St Johns Hospital was Ryan Andrew Clark, pictured here with mum Sarah. Picture: JP

Ms Clark said: “My parents live only two doors down so they were really quick in getting me on the road to hospital.

“It was just so painful on Christmas Eve and I’d only left hospital the day before.

“Mum kept asking me in the car what was going on and if I was alright. It was a stressful few hours.

“But it was all worth it when I was finally able to hold him in my arms. It felt so amazing to finally have him here.”

She added: “Christmas has always been my favourite holiday but this is like all of them have come at once.”

Meanwhile baby Hollie was born to mother Stacey Archibald, 27, and father Marley Newlands, 29.

The couple were wrapping Christmas presents at their home in Dalkeith, Midlothian on Christmas Eve when Ms Archibald’s contractions became frequent.

The couple rushed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where their baby was born at 4:47am, weighing 7lbs 8oz.

Ms Archibald said: “People are saying the name Hollie is nice because of the Christmas connection but it’s been a name I always liked.

“She was just born on Christmas.”