North Berwick gin maker heads Down Under

East Lothian distiller NB Gin is seeking to grow is presence in Australia after landing a supply deal in Melbourne.

NB Gin's Vivienne and Steve Muir are taking their spirit to Australia

The North Berwick firm said its produce will be stocked by “premium liquor boutique” The Wigs Cellar, as well as being supplied to bars and restaurants in the city and sold nationwide via the Wigs website.

Negotiations are already underway with other Australian stockists and distributors, and the distiller hopes that its spirits will soon be rolled out to other states.

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The Australian deal follows the recent signing of an exclusive US export agreement with New York-based Duggan’s Distillers.

Chief executive Vivienne Muir, who launched NB Gin in late 2103 with husband Steve, said: “Gin is enjoying a huge resurgence and no more so than in Australia, where it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular white spirits in the country thanks to the rise of the cocktail culture and a growing appetite for quality among consumers.

“There honestly couldn’t be a better time for our spirit to head Down Under, so we’re delighted that The Wigs Cellar, whose name is synonymous with knowledge, experience and quality, has selected our spirit as one of the first Scottish gins to be added to its portfolio.”

Ross Smith, Director at The Wigs Cellar, added: “NB Gin’s smooth flavour makes it perfect for cocktails but it’s equally delicious served neat, making it highly versatile as well as of the highest possible quality.

“Gin is surging in popularity across Australia with premium craft brands in particular gaining real momentum, so it’s the perfect time for us to introduce this fantastic multi-award-winning spirit to the nation.”