Man jailed for strangling pregnant woman in Fife

A man has been jailed for nearly four years for strangling a pregnant woman and terrorising two other women in a “horrendous” campaign of domestic abuse that spanned 12 years.
McGuire was sentenced at the High Court, sitting at Paisley Sheriff Court, today (Thursday)McGuire was sentenced at the High Court, sitting at Paisley Sheriff Court, today (Thursday)
McGuire was sentenced at the High Court, sitting at Paisley Sheriff Court, today (Thursday)

Kane McGuire (38) was jailed today (Thursday) for carrying out the life-threatening assault on Nicola Watson while she was pregnant with his child.

The brute – who is originally from Tyne and Wear, in the north east of England – already had 23 previous convictions for attacks on and rows with his former partners.

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He carried out the shameful attack on Watson at a house in the Leven one day between April and May 2007.

He grabbed her by the body in the house on Adamson Terrace and pushed her to the floor before grabbing her throat, compressing her neck and strangling her.

McGuire’s violence towards his partners started in January 2002, when he was in a relationship with Tracey Ann Vance or Taylor.

Between then and December 2005 he assaulted her on numerous occasions, chasing after her as she tried to get away from him, pushing her and pulling her.

The attacks took place at a house in Motray Crescent, Guardbridge and at a property in Linksfield, Tayport.

At the Tayport address, sometime between April 2003 and December 2005, McGuire also attacked Taylor by punching her on the head.

Taylor and McGuire separated and he began a relationship with Nicola Watson.

Between April 2006 and March 2008 he regularly attacked Watson, setting upon her at addresses across Fife.

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On several occasions he grabbed her by the arms, pushed her onto a bed and threw drinks over her at Annsmuir Caravan Park in Ladybank, Cupar, and the Leven property.

And, between April and May 2007, McGuire carried out the life-threatening assault on Watson where he strangled her while she was carrying his child, leaving her breathing restricted.

Between April 2006 and March 2008 he also terrorised her at addresses throughout Dundee, repeatedly shouting, swearing and sending abusive text messages to her while at properties in the city’s Baffin Street, Milnbank Road and Benvie Road.

After splitting from Watson, McGuire got together with Amanda Sim, and she also bore the brunt of his violent and abusive behaviour.

Between June and December 2013 McGuire was said to have abused Sim at properties in North Marches and Unity Way, Cellardyke.

Prosecutors claimed he threatened to burn down her house and kill her and, at the North Marches property, pinned her against a wall and strangled her.

He was given bail conditions not to approach or contact her or enter Cellardyke but broke them repeatedly between December 2013 and March last year by repeatedly contacting her by telephone and in person and going to Cellardyke.

McGuire’s reign of terror was so severe that he was also charged with torturing an 11-year-old boy.

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He was accused of willfully assaulting and ill treating the child, who can’t be named for legal reasons, by shutting him in a small cupboard in the dark, forcing him to remove his clothes, making him sit in bath of cold water and forcing his head under the water.

McGuire was facing trial accused of 17 charges but struck a deal with prosecutors which saw him plead guilty to seven charges in exchange for 10 being dropped.

He admitted the assaults on Taylor and Watson, and breaking his bail conditions by approaching Sim.

In exchange the assaults on Sim, threats to petrol bomb Taylor’s home and glass her, the alleged torture of the child, and claims he’d thrown Watson down a flight of stairs were dropped.

McGuire admitted his guilt last month and sentence was deferred so he could be assessed by social workers.

When he returned to the dock at the High Court in Paisley today (Thursday) to be sentenced, defence advocate Lorraine Glancy said McGuire was responsible for “a horrendous pattern of abuse... while he was under the influence of alcohol”.

She added: “This was made worse by the fact there were children in the household and one of the complainers was pregnant to him at the time.”

She said McGuire had moved to Scotland to work as a stonemason and, despite being in and out of jail, had managed to keep his job because he was “a good employee and an excellent craftsman”.

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The advocate also said that the offences her client had pleaded guilty to made him realise he had a problem with alcohol and domestic abuse and was willing to address those issues if given the chance.

After hearing that McGuire plans to move back to Tyne and Wear to live with his dad when he is released from jail, judge Lady Scott locked him up.

As she sentenced him to three years and 11 months behind bars, she said: “You bullied, belittled and threatened your female partners.”

McGuire, who was dressed in a black tracksuit, showed no emotion as he was told the length of his sentence.

He will also be supervised for a year once he is released from custody.