Entrepreneur shares suicide bid to raise awareness

As a recipient of young entrepreneur of the year, Edinburgh businessman Josh Quigley achieved incredible success with his first business, but behind the scenes he was hiding a secret battle with depression and a suicide attempt.

Brave Mr Quigley, who runs digital marketing agency SharkDog, decided to share his story by creating an inspiring video.

He said: “This video may shock or surprise a lot of people. This year I tried to take my own life after struggling with depression and mental health problems.

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“Over the years we’ve all lost friends or family through suicide, because there’s so much stigma around mental health and people are scared to ask for help or support.

“So I decided I wanted to go public with my story, to help other people who are suffering and encourage people to start talking about mental health. Not everyone will be as lucky as I was and it’s time we done something about it.

It’s took me 6 months to get to a position where I feel comfortable talking about this, so your help and support would mean the world to me,” he added.