Some of the most popular residents of Edinburgh zoo.Some of the most popular residents of Edinburgh zoo.
Some of the most popular residents of Edinburgh zoo.

Edinburgh Zoo Animals: 10 amazing animals you can still see now the giant pandas are gone

Edinburgh Zoo has said farewell to its two most famous residents, but there's more to the attraction than giant pandas.

Edinburgh Zoo was first opened to the public in 1913, when it was called the Scottish National Zoological Park, and since then has provided a fun and educational day out for millions of families from around the world.

It was the brainchild of Edinburgh lawyer Thomas Hailing Gillespie, who founded the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland in 1909 which, in turn, purchased the Corstorphine Hill site from Edinburgh Town Council in 1913.

Gillespie modelled the zoo on Hamburg’s Tierpark Hagenbeck in Germany, which replaced the traditional steel cages with open enclosures that more resembled the animals’ natural habitat.

A visit by King George VI in 1948 led to the prefix ‘Royal’ being added to the society’s name and it remains the only zoo with a royal charter in the UK.

Some of the zoo’s most famous residents were added in January 1914 when three king penguins arrived, supplied by the Christian Salvesen whaling expedition which docked in Leith.

The zoo made international headlines in 2011 when Tian Tian and Yang Guang arrived from China – becoming the first giant pandas to live in the UK for 17 years and instantly becoming the zoo’s star attractions.

This year saw them return to China, but there are still plenty of other amazing creatures to see.

Here are 10.