YouTube star to give Dundee lecture

Minecraft celebrity Stampy Cat will give an exclusive Christmas lecture at Dundee’s Caird Hall tonight on what it takes to become a YouTube sensation

Joseph Garrett, aka "Stampy Cat", with Chris van der Kuyl, Convenor of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. "Stampy Cat" will take to the stage of Dundee's Caird Hall tonight to lead their Christmas lecture. Photo: Joseph Garrett

Joseph Garrett, who goes by the quirky alias Stampy Cat on Minecraft, will headline the 2015 Royal Society of Edinburgh Christmas Lecture in Dundee tonight with “Stampy’s Christmas Cake Caper: An Adventure in YouTubing”.

His famous “Let’s Play” videos often reveal new tips and insights on the games that Garrett plays, with Stampy Cat uploading at least one video daily for his 6.8 million YouTube channel subscribers.

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During his talk, Hampshire-born Garrett will reveal parts of the video production process, as well as creating a Christmas special episode in his Minecraft series live on the night.

His invitation to the event comes as part of the BBC’s “Make it Digital” campaign, which aims to promote creativity in the digital world by young people.

The 24 year-old as “Stampy Cat” will also take the honour of being the RSE’s youngest-ever speaker during his time on stage in Dundee, with approximately 2,000 fans and parents set to attend the one-night-only event.

Tickets for the event were originally sold in person at the Dundee Box Office, priced at £5 each, before selling via the Caird Hall website.

Demand for Stampy Cat’s first-ever public talk about his success has so far outstripped ticket supply.