Scottish rapper claims global superstar Eminem 'stole' album title and sound

A Scottish rapper has claimed US superstar Eminem 'stole' the title and style of his album.

Samples from film director Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 vinyl of the same name feature on both Mr Stewart's track and Eminem's new album.

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The Dundee rapper said it was the revelation of Eminem's album release date was January 17, exactly five years after Mr Stewart unveiled his own.

Along with collaborator Gavin Bain - known as Brains McLoud - Mr Stewart has links to Eminem through hip hop group D12.

Mr Stewart told The Courier: “At first I thought the shared sample/concept/title was a minor coincidence. Then the very same release date, while it could be another coincidence, freaked me out a little.

“But after thinking about our connections to D12, it doesn’t put it too far out of the realm of possibility that Eminem, through Bizarre, heard my track, dug for the sample I used, and took the concept.

“Obviously the richer artist with the louder fan base is the one who gets away with it.”

Dundee rapper Zee the Dungeonous has called out Eminem for allegedly plagiarising his work. (Picture: PA / Twitter)

A Polydor Records spokesman, when asked whether it wished to respond to Mr Stewart’s allegations, said: “Unfortunately not.”